The unsolved murder of New Mexico State University graduate student Katie Sepich will be featured on a Court TV episode this evening, according to the Court TV website.

The website promotes the episode as: "Mystery in the Desert - The body of college student Katie Sepich is discovered in the New Mexico desert. She was last seen leaving a late night party the night before. Somewhere between the party and home, Katie had been strangled and left for dead. With the case stalled and a sexual predator at large in a college town, can the team of paranormal investigators fill in the holes in the Sepich case?”

Doña Ana County Sheriff's Department Investigator Mark Perea said that even though using self-proclaimed psychics to investigate a crime is unorthodox, local investigators are completely willing to follow up on any leads resulting from the broadcast.

“Our investigation is cold at this point,” Perea said. “If these investigators or any Court TV viewers come to us with something that could turn into a real lead, we’ll look into it. We remain committed to catching the murderer of Katie Sepich.”

Sepich, 22, of Carlsbad, a graduate student of business administration at NMSU, attended a party Saturday night, Aug. 30, 2003, in the Las Cruces neighborhood of Veterans’ Park. She left the party sometime after midnight.

Investigators believe she walked home and was abducted as she tried to gain entrance to her home through a bedroom window.

At about 11 a.m. the next morning, target shooters reported the discovery of a body in the desert near the old city dump east of Las Cruces. Upon identification of the body, Sheriff’s investigators contacted people who knew Sepich, including her roommates, and traced her activities back to the party. The New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator’s autopsy report determined the cause of death was strangulation. Sepich also was sexually assaulted.

To date, the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department has interviewed more than 80 people about the case, with support from the Las Cruces and New Mexico State University police departments. DNA samples have been taken from all those interviewed.

Court TV is at Channel 30 on local cable TV.

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Reporters seeking more information or interviews may call county Public Information Director Jess Williams at (505) 525-5801.