The Doña Ana County Bureau of Elections will be trying to correctly register Sunland Park voters before the registration deadline for the city’s municipal election.

Approximately five years ago the City of Sunland Park readdressed residences and reorganized districts in the city. Many registered voters in Sunland Park did not revise their voter registrations with their new addresses in their new districts.

County BOE Interim Administrator Andy Perez said voters would be placed in the wrong districts if his office uses dated voter registrations, because voters are still registered to their old addresses.

“This is a problem throughout the city,” Perez said. “We’re running short on time in getting voters correctly registered.”

Voter registration for the March 2 municipal election will close on Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. Early voting for the election will begin Feb. 11. Perez said he hopes electoral candidates will chip in to the effort to register voters before the deadline.

“Candidates can help register voters by keeping voter registration applications on-hand at all of their campaign functions,” Perez said, “whether they’re going door-to-door or holding rallies. Votes from constituents won’t count unless the registration is correct.”

Additional voter registration will be held at the following locations:

Sunland Park Municipal Offices: 1000 McNutt
Sunland Park DMV: 880 McNutt
Sunland Park Library: 981 McNutt (same complex as City Hall)
Sunland Park Post Office: 3500 McNutt
Santa Teresa Post Office: 1212 N Country Club Road

For more information, call Grant A. Taylor, assistant to the director of public information, at (505) 647-7290. Anyone calling from outside the Las Cruces area may call toll-free at 1-877-827-7200 and request extension 7290.