Welcome to the New Doña Ana County Website

Welcome to the New Doña Ana County Website

Doña Ana County is proud to debut its new website. Development of this website has been ongoing for months by the Information Technology Department, with assistance and support from the Public Information Department. There are many changes and enhancements, but all of the functionality of the old site is present and, in many cases, enhanced, on the new site.


The new site went live on June 8, 2013, replacing a site that has been the face of the county on the Internet for more than eight years. The previous site launched on March 18, 2005, and in its day boasted modern technologies and design.

The old site, launched in 2005.

The new site, launched in 2013.

The new site utilizes new technology, layout and organization – and it is user-friendly to small screens and touch devices, like smart phones and tablets.

The most visited pages on the site are pages where users query county property data, search recorded documents, and pay property taxes.

The new site helps address design needs, and it provides core technology that will enhance interactive features in the future.


The menu bar at the top of every page allows users to get to the top page of every section of the site. It also provides quick access to the most used pages. Clicking or tapping on most of the header menu items will expand submenus below each header. A second click will hide the menu. From the submenus, you can click on the section you want to access. Note: The News and Jobs menus do not have submenus.


The Services menu provides quick access to the research and online services pages that are the most frequently visited parts of the site: property taxes online, search of property records, legal documents, and other features.


Events on the website can still be accessed under the “Agenda” menu at the top of the page, but the new site also features a calendar on the front page, where events and meetings are listed by date.

Hovering over a day (or tapping once on a touch device) will show you all the events scheduled for that day. You can click any item to see the full agenda for that event.

Smart Phone Layout

Since more people are connecting to the Internet with small-screen devices like smart phones, the site automatically adapts to those sizes to display a readable page no matter what device is being used.

The Future

There are many other new or improved features. This new site is built on a content-management system that will allow new features as needed. Browse the site, and enjoy! If you have questions, concerns or comments, send them to input@donaanacounty.org.