Doña Ana County

Animal Control Permits & Fees

Animal Control Permits & Fees

Chapter 179
Article VIII. Animal Control Permits and Services

§ 179-21. Fee amounts.

A. Pet Licensing
    (1) Unsterilized Animal                          $50.00 per animal per year
    (2) Qualified Service Animal                   $ 0 per animal per year
    (3) Sterilized Animal                              $7.00 per animal per year
    (3) For a sterilized animal owned            $10.00 one-time fee, thereafter the license may be renewed each year at no cost for the life of the animal
         by a person who is 65 years   
         of age or older

B. Intact Animal Permit                             $100.00 per animal per year
C. Litter Permit                                         $50.00 per litter
D. Multiple Animal Site Permit                    $20.00 per location per year
E. Special Permits
    (1) Outdoor Rehabilitation Aviary           $10.00 per location per year
    (2) Birds of Prey                                   $10.00 per location per year
    (3) Certain Snakes                                $15.00 per location per year
    (4) Guard Dog                                      $20.00 per location per year
    (5) Hybrid Animal                                 $100.00 per location per year
F. Dead Animal Removal Fee                      $20.00 per animal per pick up
G. Owner Relinquish Transport Fee             $20.00 per animal per pick up