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Chapter 154: Businesses, Regulation of CO-005 Also cited as the “Business Registration Fee Ordinance,” imposes a business registration fee on all persons doing business within Doña Ana County, but outside the boundaries of any incorporated municipality. Such business registration fee shall be as set forth in Chapter 179 (available below), Fees and Permits.
Chapter 157: Design and Construction Standards CO-006 Coordination and minimum standards for construction and design to be used in conjunction with other development codes and ordinances.
Chapter 172: Erosion Control CO-007 Designed to protect and maintain the natural environment and to reduce the negative health effects caused by the creation of fugitive dust, more specifically “PM10,” which refers to a size of particulate matter within dust that has been identified by the scientific and medical communities and by the EPA as a significant health risk in high concentrations in the air.
Chapter 179: Fees and Permits CO-008 Sets forth the fees and permits administered by Doña Ana County.
Chapter 213: Foreign-Trade Zone CO-009 Information regarding the Foreign-Trade Zone, or FTZ, which is a restricted access site authorized by the FTZ Board and supervised by CBP that offers tariff and tax relief. This chapter includes a zone schedule which sets forth the internal rules and regulations, as well as rates and fees charged to zone users.
Chapter 232: Itinerant and Temporary Vendors CO-010 Ordinance describing the licensing of itinerant and temporary vendors engaging in business within the geographic boundaries of Doña Ana County.
Chapter 250: Land Use and Zoning CO-011 The purpose of this chapter is to achieve land use policies and actions delineated in the Doña Ana County Comprehensive Plan. This chapter implements the Comprehensive Plan actions that recommend mapped zoning districts for Community Districts and Village Districts, and a Performance District for all other areas in the County.
Chapter 257: Manufactured Homes CO-012 Describes the regulations and requirements for Manufactured Housing in Doña Ana County.
Chapter 300: Subdivision of Land CO-013 Regulations adopted to guide development in the unincorporated areas within Doña Ana County, particularly in the establishment of reasonable standards of design and procedures for subdivisions and resubdivisions in order to further the orderly layout and use of land, and to ensure proper legal descriptions and monumenting of subdivided land.
Las Cruces Extra-Territorial Zoning Ordinance CO-ETZ Code to promote appropriate land use by dividing the territory under its jurisdiction into districts of such number, shape, area and form as is necessary and to regulate or restrict the erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair or use of buildings, structures or land in each district.