Doña Ana County

Election Advisory Council

Election Advisory Council

The Doña Ana County Election Advisory Council was conceived and initiated by the Doña Ana County Clerk’s office.  The intent, as stated in the original organizational meeting on March 25, 2015, was to be a non-partisan volunteer group with the purpose of promoting the community’s understanding and involvement in activities related to the elections.


The Election Advisory Council’s mission is as follows:

The Doña Ana County Election Advisory Council is a voluntary group that promotes a variety of efforts aimed at maximizing voter registration and voter participation in the county.

Among the efforts included in this mission are:

  1. Promoting public awareness via traditional and social media of the “how, when, and where” to register and to vote
  2. Developing and distributing educational materials about elections and voting, and why voting is important
  3. Coordinating the efforts of community groups and agencies with regard to voter registration and voter turnout
  4. Engaging with specific, targeted community populations to encourage voter registration and voting
  5. Identifying Dona Ana high school students as a population to focus efforts to educate them about voter culture and register them as future voters.
  6. Promoting voter registration at Naturalization Ceremonies
  7. Organizing and implementing county-wide Community Conversation to promote voter culture.


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