Doña Ana County

Election Day Personnel

Election Day Personnel

Election Officials

Be a Guardian of Democracy, Be an Election Official! Election Officials (poll workers) are an integral part of our democratic system. Without election officials, we could not hold elections. The hours are long (a 14-hour day at least), the pay is modest, but the rewards are great! To be an election worker, you must:

• Be registered to vote in Doña Ana County

• Be able to read and write

• Be able to carry out an election official's duties with acceptable skill and dispatch

• Attend a 2 hour training

• Take an oath of office

• Not be a candidate, law officer, or close relative (spouse, parent, child, sibling, or in-law) of a candidate

• Have computer experience, mobile phone and email address

What does an election offical do?

• Open and close the polls

• Set up voting equipment

• Register and sign-in voters

• Issue ballots

• Record and certify vote totals

Please fill out this form or call Andrew Ostic, Dona Ana County’s coordinator for election officials at (575) 647-7428 if you have questions. Note: County residents who are 16 or 17 years old, US citizens and meet all but the first condition above may serve as election officials. However, they need to fill out the Minor Poll Worker Application. You can also contact Andrew Ostic, Dona Ana County’s coordinator for election officials at (575) 647-7428.

Challengers and Watchers

Challengers and Watchers are appointed by the County Chair of each political party. The County Chair may submit the names of those appointed to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall notify the County Clerk of the qualified Challenger and Watcher appointees. Those appointees must submit written appointment credentials to the precinct board on Election Day. After credentials are presented, the presiding judge of the precinct board provides the Challengers and Watchers with name badges. Credentialed Challengers and Watchers may be permitted to view vote tabulators, signature rosters, and be present at anytime the precinct board convenes and until the completion of duties after close of polls. Challengers and Watchers are not permitted to handle signature rosters, tabulators, lap-top computers, printers, ballots, view dates of birth, view any portion of social security numbers or determine counting votes which may be hand tallied. Only Challengers may impose a challenge if a voter is qualified to vote. For that instance, a challenged voter shall be permitted to vote by provisional ballot. Any Challengers or Watchers who interfere with the orderly process of the precinct board’s election duties is guilty of a petty misdemeanor.