Doña Ana County

Community Resource Center Assessment 2018

Community Resource Center Assessment 2018

In 2018, Doña Ana County contracted with Garza & Associates to provide a comprehensive assessment of all Community Resource Centers (CRCs) countywide. The objective of the assessment was to evaluate uses and procedures for operation and management of all 15 centers and develop recommendations based on best practices for advancing their level of service to residents of Doña Ana County.

  1. Analysis - This link provides an overview of the findings, trends among other publicly-owned facilities, marketing suggestions and liability concerns.


  1. Report, Analysis with Recommendations - The following link details information related to the analysis of a computer lab implementation, a library or book exchange program, bus stops, recreations sites and other variable uses.


  1. Staffing - Suggestions on reevaluating assignments related to specific duties within each CRC was included. The following links provide an overview and implementation of a property manager, related responsibilities and departmental coordination.


  1. Proposed Policy - The following link includes information on the creation of a uniform guiding policy for all CRCs by type and usage, compliant with New Mexico’s anti-donation clause.


  1. Community Resource Center Individual Summaries - All 15 CRCs, as well as the Doña Ana Boxing Club facility, were individually evaluated based on general conditions, current programming/activities held at each facility, and suggestions for optimal use.