Doña Ana County



Doña Ana County has about two dozen surplus land and structures for sale, including undeveloped land and lots with vacant modular buildings in Anthony, Chaparral, Fairacres, Las Cruces and Rincon.

The list of properties for sale below shows each property’s address, town, a brief description, the list price and a map, if available.
For questions and to make an offer on any property, please call Property Manager Misty Dawn Benavidez at (575) 525-6185 or email at




645 Lisa Dr.

Chaparral, NM Lot 12, Block E, Chaparral Subdivision #2 Vacant 2 acre parcel $56,914 645 Lisa.pdf

4584 Dulcinea

Fairacres, NM Fairacres, NM Lot 52, Block C, La Mancha Estates Phase 1Vacant 1 acre parcel $86,250 4584 Dulcinea Dr.pdf

4694 Dulcinea

Fairacres, NM Lot 54, Block C, La Mancha Estates Phase 1Vacant 1 acre parcel $86,250 4694 Dulcinea Dr.pdf

4764 Dulcinea

Fairacres, NM Lot 55, Block C, La Mancha Estates Phase 1Vacant .98 acre parcel $86,250 4764 Dulcinea Dr.pdf

7017 Justin Ln.

Las Cruces, NM Lot 16, Block C, Linda Vista Estates Phase 2 Vacant 1.01 parce $46,000 7017 Justin Ln.pdf

5595 Elks Dr.

Las Cruces, NM Vacant Public Health Modular Building $241,500 Currently Not Available

190 B. County Line Rd.

Chaparral, NM Vacant Chaparral Annex $143,750 Currently Not Available

180 W. Lohman Ave

Las Cruces, NM Lot 4, Block 13, Las Cruces Original Townsite Vacant MVRDA Building $477,250 180 W Lohman Ave.pdf

275 Baker St.

Rincon, NM Lts 9-18, Blk 11 McClintock Addition Vacant .78 acre parcel Forthcoming 275 Baker St.pdf

300 Baker St.

Rincon, NM Lts 4-6, Blk 10 McClintock Addition Vacant .48 acre parcel; FEMA lot Forthcoming 300 Baker St.pdf

301 Harlan St.

Rincon, NM Lts 1-3, Blk 10 McClintock Addition Vacant .48 acre parcel; FEMA lot Forthcoming 301 Harlan St.pdf

440 Palmilla St.

Rincon, NM Lts. 7-18, Blk 10 McClintock Addition Vacant .9 acre parcel; Part of FEMA lot Forthcoming 440 Palmilla St.pdf

2540 Rincon Rd.

Rincon, NM South of Rincon Rd south of 2541 Rincon Rd. Vacant 2.04 acre parcel Forthcoming 2540 Rincon Rd.pdf

3230 Anthony Dr.

Anthony, NM North of Anthony on Anthony Driv e north of NMDOT equipment yard Vacant 5 acre parcel Forthcoming 3230 Anthony Dr.pdf

Lenox Ave.

Las Cruces, NM Vacant .33 acre parcel; US 70 Right of Way Forthcoming Lenox Ave Property.pdf

525 S. Melendres

Las Cruces, NM La Pinon Building Forthcoming 525 S Melendres St.pdf

2360 Green River Lp.

Chaparral, NM Lot 73, Block 16, Desert Aire Estates Vacant .44 acre parcel Forthcoming 2360 Green Tree Lp.pd

2465 Green Tree Lp.

Chaparral, NM Lot 33, Block 16, Desert Aire Estate Vacant .44 acre parcel Forthcoming 2465 Green River Lp.pdf

15890 Furnace St.

Organ, NM Lot 19, Block 30, Organ Townsite Former Organ Fire Department Forthcoming 15890 Furnace St.pdf