Doña Ana County


Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography


Background: The Flood Commission began acquiring digital aerial photography and LiDAR products for Doña Ana County in 2004. This initial project was updated in 2007 with aerial photography only. Another project was completed in 2010 with new aerial photography and new LiDAR data. Each project increased the coverage area. The 2014 edition updated the aerial photography. LiDAR was flown over areas where substantial changes have occurred, such as the I-10/I-25 interchange and the new rail yard in Santa Teresa. The 2018 project covered 2331 square miles of the County.  

Potential Uses: This data can be extremely useful for preliminary engineering drawings, flood mapping, site planning, modeling, engineering studies, and presentations.

Costs: The data is available for $50 per section (PLSS), per layer. The entire dataset is available for $10,000.


The datasets (layers) available from the Flood Commission are:

1. Aerial - Color Orthophotography (2018, 2014, 2010, 2007, 2004)

  • 0.5ft pixel resolution for 2018 only
  • 1-foot pixel resolution
  • Digital file formats provided in .TIF and .ECW for use with CAD software, GIS software, and graphics packages


2. DTM - Digital Terrain Model (2018, 2010, 2004)

  • Point and line data generated from the raw LIDAR acquired in 2010
  • Digital data are available in ASCII, and GENERATE formats
  • DEM - Digital Elevation Model data is also available


3. Contours (2018, 2010, 2004)

  • 1-foot contour interval for 2018 only
  • 2-foot contour interval
  • Provided in ESRI shapefile format
  • Contours may be provided in .DWG, .DXF, or .DGN (v7 or v8) formats upon request.


To order any of these datasets from the Flood Commission:

Download the following form for information requests

For more information, please contact Tambri Hunteman, GIS Mapping Specialist at (575) 525-5552.