Doña Ana County


Labor Management Relations Board

Labor Management Relations Board

In accordance with New Mexico law, Doña Ana County established a local labor management relations board by ordinance on July 13, 2004. 

The Doña Ana County Labor Management Relations Board (the local board) assumes the duties of the state’s public employee labor relations board in matters involving Doña Ana County management and Doña Ana County employees represented by a collective bargaining unit.    The local board has the authority to designate appropriate bargaining units, determine exclusive bargaining unit representation, and hear prohibited practice complaints.  While the local board must follow the procedures and provisions set by the state board, the local board may promulgate rules and regulations within its scope of authority and has the authority to enforce provisions of the Doña Ana County Labor Management Relations Ordinance.

The local board consists of three members:  one recommended by labor, one recommended by management, and one recommended jointly by the first two.  All members are appointed to the local board by the Doña Ana County Board of County Commissioners.  Each member serves a one year term but may be re-appointed by the Commission for multiple terms.

Doña Ana County’s Labor Management Relations Board follows the requirements of the state’s Open Meetings Act.  The local board identifies its regular meeting schedule when it meets for the first time each year, and meetings that are open to the public are recorded  and available for viewing from this web page.

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