Doña Ana County


AMENDED NOTICE OF WORK SESSION: Thursday, April 13, 2006

AMENDED NOTICE OF WORK SESSION: Thursday, April 13, 2006

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 8:30am


The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners will convene a Work Session beginning at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, April 13, 2006, in the Doña Ana County Commission Chambers, 2nd Floor, 251 West Amador Avenue, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The purpose of this public meeting is to hear presentations by external agencies that have applied for fiscal year 2006-2007 funding through the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) Fund and to discuss funding guidelines and staff recommendations. The schedule will be as follows:

Presentation Q & A Agency
8:30-8:35 8:35-8:40 Big Brothers/Big Sisters
8:40-8:45 8:45-8:50 Chihuahua Desert Nature Park
8:50-8:55 8:55-9:00 Colonias Development Council
9:00-9:05 9:05-9:10 Foster Grandparent Program
9:10-9:15 9:15-9:20 Senior Companion Program
9:20-9:25 9:25-9:30 Doña Ana Arts Council
9:30-9:35 9:35-9:40 Doña Ana County/Las Cruces Bookmobile
9:40-9:45 9:45-9:50 DAC Senior Olympics
9:50-9:55 9:55-10:00 The Free Spay & Neuter Program, Inc.
Break 10:00–10:10
10:15-10:20 10:20-10:25 The Fresh Eyes Photography Project
10:25-10:30 10:30-10:35 Gadsden Recreation
10:35-10:40 10:40-10:45 Girl Scouts of the Rio Grande
10:45-10:50 10:50-10:55 Hacienda del Sol
10:55-11:00 11:00-11:05 HELP-Home Education Livelihood Program
11:05-11:10 11:10-11:15 Hatch Public Library
11:15-11:20 11:20-11:25 Northern DAC Recreation Program
11:25-11:30 11:30-11:35 Village of Hatch (Swim Facility)
11:35-11:40 11:40-11:45 High Tech Consortium of Southern NM
11:45-11:50 11:50-11:55 Hispanic Assoc. of Las Cruces/Doña Ana County
Lunch 12:00-1:00
1:00-1:05 1:05-1:10 Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers of America
1:10-1:15 1:15-1:20 Mesilla Valley Community of Hope
1:20-1:25 1:25-1:30 Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance
1:30-1:35 1:35-1:40 NMSU-KRWG
1:40-1:45 1:45-1:50 Opportunity House
1:50-1:55 1:55-2:00 Quality Senior Services, Inc.
2:00-2:05 2:05-2:10 Rio Grande Valley Retired/Senior Volunteers
2:10-2:15 2:15-2:20 SER de New Mexico
2:20-2:25 2:25-2:30 Southern NM State Fair & Rodeo
2:30-2:35 2:35-2:40 Valley Community Library
2:40-2:45 2:45-2:50 Southwest Environmental Center

NOTE: Doña Ana County will ensure effective communication with individuals with disabilities and will, upon request, provide auxiliary communication aids and services to afford those individuals equal opportunity for participation in Doña Ana County sponsored meetings, events, or activities. Any request should be made to the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator, in writing, or by phone, as soon as possible prior to the event at which accommodation is needed. If you have any questions regarding examples of reasonable accommodations, please contact Mary Amos Pierce, ADA Coordinator, at 647-7316 (voice) or 647-7285 (TTY), 180 West Amador Avenue, Las Cruces, NM 88005.

Spanish language interpretation services are now available upon request for participation in Doña Ana County sponsored meetings, events, or activities. Please contact Erica Gonzales, Health & Human Services Department, at 528-7905, at least 48 hours prior to the event. Servicios de interpretación en las juntas será disponible por petición. Por favor llame a Erica Gonzalez al 528-7905 por lo menos 48 horas por adelantado para pedir este servicio.