Doña Ana County

NOTICE OF WORK SESSION: Thursday, June 2, 2005

NOTICE OF WORK SESSION: Thursday, June 2, 2005

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, June 2, 2005 - 9:00am


Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners will convene a Work Session at 9:00 a.m.
Thursday, June 2, 2005, in the Doña Ana County Commission Chambers, 2nd
Floor, 251 West Amador Avenue, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

purpose of this public meeting is to hear
and discuss comments from each department and from management pertaining to the FY 05/06 Budget. The presentation schedule is as follows:

Department Time Budget Book Pg #
Assessor 9:00-9:15 GF4
Sheriff/Animal Control 9:15-9:30 GF25-GF26 (Law
Enforcement/Support); GF30 (Animal Control)
Probate Judge 9:30-9:45 GF8
Treasurer 9:45-10:00 GF7
Clerk/Bureau of Elections 10:00-10:15 GF5 (Recording &
Filing); GF6 (BOE)
Public Works (Facilities
& Parks/Road/Airport/Fleet)
10:15-10:30 GF17-GF18 (Facilities &
Parks); SRF5 – SRF19 (Road Fund); EF2-EF3 (Airport);ISF2 (Fleet)
Break 10:30-10:40
Utilities 10:40-10:55 EF1
Detention 10:55-11:10 EF5 (Adult Center) -EF6 (Juvenile Center); EF7 (Medical Section)
Planning/Building Inspections 11:10-11:25 GF10 (Building Inspections); GF22
11:25-11:40 GF31 (Vector Control);
SRF2-SRF3 (Environmental)
Health Services/Indigent
Health Care/DWI
11:40-11:55 SRF64-SRF68 (HHS); SRF69
(IHC); SRF31-SRF32 (DWI)
Break 11:55-12:05
Fire Marshal/Office of
Emergency Mgmt
12:05-12:20 GF11 (OEM); GF16 (Fire
Human Resources/ADA 12:20-12:35 GF9 (ADA); GF21 (HR)
Legal/Risk Management 12:35-12:50 GF20 (Legal), GF24 (Risk)
Info Systems/Communications 12:50-1:05 GF13 (Communications); GF19
(Information Services)
Financial Services 1:05-1:20 GF15 (Finance); GF23
County Manager 1:20-1:35 GF14
County Commission 1:35-1:50 GF3
Flood Commission 1:50-2:05 SRF62-SRF63

  1. First five minutes
    will be allotted for the Department to comment and explain overall budget.
  2. Next five minutes
    will be for Management comments and/or recommendations.
  3. Last five minutes
    will be for the Doña Ana County Commission to comment and/or ask questions.

NOTE: Doña Ana County will ensure effective communication
with individuals with disabilities and will, upon request, provide auxiliary
communication aids and services to afford those individuals equal opportunity
for participation in Doña Ana County sponsored meetings, events, or activities.
Any request should be made to the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator,
in writing, or by phone, as soon as possible prior to the event at which
accommodation is needed. If you have any questions regarding examples of
reasonable accommodations, please contact Mary Amos Pierce, ADA Coordinator, at
647-7316 (voice) or 647-7285 (TTY), 180 West Amador Avenue, Las Cruces, NM 88005.

Spanish language
interpretation services are now available upon request for participation in Doña Ana County sponsored meetings, events, or activities. Please contact Erica Gonzales,
Health & Human Services Department, at 528-7905, at least 48 hours prior to
the event. Servicios de
interpretación en las juntas será disponible por petición. Por favor llame a
Erica Gonzalez al 528-7905 por lo menos 48 horas por adelantado para pedir este