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Doña Ana County’s contract with the board of directors of the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo will expire at midnight, June 30, 2012. County officials are working with SNMSFR officials to facilitate an ordered transition of assets and scheduling at the county-owned fairgrounds west of Las Cruces.

The upcoming 2012 Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo and attending 4-H and FFA activities will not be adversely impacted by the transition, assuming that the fair board agrees to some key transition provisions.

Doña Ana County Manager Brian D. Haines said the decision to let the contract expire naturally was spurred after the fair board notified the county that it was unwilling to adhere to four provisions of the contract: 1) monthly meetings with the county’s compliance specialist for event and audit updates; 2) provision of monthly calendars of scheduled events, along with contact information, rental rates and any event-related deposits received; 3) annual formal operational and financial audits; and 4) compliance with county informational requests related to operations and revenue.

In a letter signed by Haines, Doña Ana County has asked the fair board for an equipment inventory, a meeting to conduct a property and exit inventory, an agreement not to remove any equipment pending the exit meeting, and a meeting no later than July 15 to turn over all documentation related to upcoming scheduled events.

In return for compliance with the transition stipulations, Doña Ana County will allow the fair board 10 days of free rent to stage and clean up after the 2012 Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo and attending pre-fair 4-H and FFA activities.

Haines said the county is open to limited future contracts with the fair board for future annual events, particularly the tri-county state fair and rodeo. For all other scheduling and day-to-day operational authority, the county is prepared to take over after the transition period.

Haines said he anticipates no interruption of activities related to the Southern New Mexico Speedway as a result of the contract expiration between Doña Ana County and the fair board.

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Reporters seeking more information or interviews: may call county Public Information Director Jess Williams at (575) 525-5801.