Doña Ana County



The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners has completed its annual performance review of Doña Ana County Manager Brian D. Haines, who remains on contract through July of 2015.

The commissioners credited Haines with successfully shepherding the county through the nation’s fiscal crisis while other governmental entities were implementing abbreviated workweeks and layoffs. He also was commended for the overall quality of county services and for taking a leadership role in development of a strategic plan for the county.

Haines and the commissioners also agreed to a new format for future performance evaluations. Going forward, Haines’ performance will be evaluated based on five major categories: 1) Leading change; 2) Leading people; 3) Business acumen; 4) Public service and community engagement; and 5) Accomplishment of high-priority projects relative to the county’s strategic plan.

During the course of the month-long evaluation process, work sessions were held to identify a number of critical activities within each of the performance categories. The resulting work plan will be used as a guide by Haines and his management team for the next 12 months.

“Implementation of a results-based performance management system is seen by the commissioners as a natural and essential complement to the county’s strategic plan, which is scheduled for a full rollout by July of 2013,” said Doña Ana County Commission Chair Karen G. Perez. “This new approach to the manager’s annual assessment acknowledges that the county’s senior executive must be both flexible and purposeful.”

Haines said he is grateful for the continued confidence placed in him by the county’s top elected officials.

“While I appreciate the board’s kind words and continued confidence, I have to give the lion’s share of the credit to my management team and the remarkable staff of this organization, “Haines said. “With them by my side, I look forward to finishing initiatives that are in process and to beginning new processes and systems that lead the county forward throughout my tenure.”

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Reporters seeking more information or interviews: may call county Public Information Director Jess Williams at (575) 525-5801.