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Doña Ana County has launched a new online research tool to help the public access individual resolutions and ordinances. The research database may be reached by following this link:

Formally called ‘The Code of Doña Ana County,’ the compiled and cross-referenced research tool will be updated regularly in both electronic format and hard-bound editions. Most county departments will have copies of the hard-bound editions for review by employees and the general public.

The database is accessible on the Doña Ana County website from a sub-tab under the ‘Research’ tab on the homepage.

The database allows users to search by key words, subject matter or resolution/ordinance numbers. It also features a table of contents, an alphabetical index and a new numbering system with chapter, article and section numbers to facilitate easy access.

Some pages are foot-noted with cross references.

The only ordinances and resolutions omitted from the database are those that are purely administrative, such as bond ordinances, franchise ordinances or individual property zone changes.

Although the code has a different numbering system than that which has been used in the past in Doña Ana County, the old numbers are cross-referenced for ease of access.

The electronic database will be updated as often as necessary, depending on actions by the Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners, with the updates available electronically usually within 7 working days of any change. The hardbound editions will be updated twice yearly.

The Code of Doña Ana County was compiled and edited by Assistant County Attorney Tom Figart of the Doña Ana County Legal Department.

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Reporters seeking more information or interviews: may call county Public Information Director Jess Williams at (575) 525-5801.