Doña Ana County



The Doña Ana County Public Works Department will stage three celebrations on Wednesday, May 5, 2010, to mark significant milestones in three federally funded colonias projects. Dignitaries from the New Mexico congressional delegation, the governor’s office, the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Doña Ana County legislative contingent have been invited to all three events.

At 4 p.m., a ground-breaking ceremony will be held at the corner of Stern Road and Berino to mark the beginning of the long-awaited Berino Road Improvement Project, which will rebuild 7,700 feet of roadway to create a roadway 25 feet wide with six-foot shoulders. A new drainage system will be installed as part of the project, with a 48-inch storm drain at the west end of the road and a 36-inch drain installed at the east end. The entire area will be landscaped upon completion, which is estimated to take about 270 days.

At 5 p.m., a ribbon-cutting will take place on Swannack Road, which was a private road turned over to Doña Ana County for maintenance by the property owners in 2008. With the cooperation of the 31 property owners, the land was legally conveyed to Doña Ana County and the paving work began in early 2010. The project cost $483,000 and was completed in late April.

At 6 p.m., a celebration will be staged at the South Valley Regional Resource Center, 180 La Fe Ave., to mark two major flood-control projects designed to protect the unincorporated village of Vado. The Presa/McCrimon Storm Drain Project is a water-diversion project that will move floodwaters into the Mesquite Drain utilizing two 4,600-gallon-per-minute pumps. Construction is scheduled to begin in the month of May. The Vado celebration also will highlight completion of the $464,000 Vado Flood Control Retaining Wall, a 1,620-foot-long structure that is five feet tall and one foot wide, which is situated between the arroyo and the community. The wall ends at a flood-control pond that discharges into the Mesquite Drain.

Funding for all three projects came from a combination of federal stimulus grants, GRIP II from the State of New Mexico, state and federal colonias infrastructure grants, and other state and local sources.

Refreshments and entertainment are planned to accompany the celebrations.

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Reporters seeking more information or interviews may call county Public Information Director Jess Williams at (575) 525-5801.