Doña Ana County



The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners will conduct a public hearing at 9 a.m., Tuesday, August 9, 2005 to hear input about proposed amendments to the county’s Land Use Regulations and Zoning Ordinance (No. 158-95). The hearing will be held in conjunction with the regular Commission meeting in the County Courthouse at 251 W. Amador Ave. in Las Cruces.

The proposed Amendment 1-2005 to Ordinance No. 158-95 is summarized as follows:
1) The matrices of each land use classification have been reformatted so all categories are titled the same and easier to read.
2) The density and development standards for residential land uses are being reallocated and revised--for instance, low intensity allows for 1 dwelling unit, 2 for medium intensity and 3 or more will be classified as high intensity residential land uses.
3) Minimum lot sizes for non-residential uses are being eliminated as long as all development standards are met.
4) Mobile Home Subdivisions are being eliminated since they are no different than any other subdivision.
5) The Flood Commission is recommending revisions to the flood control standards in the definitions, Section 2.1 for Elevation Certificates, Section 2.2 for site plan submittals, and Section 8.2 in Special Flood Hazard Areas.
6) Public Notification will be required for all High Intensity Residential Applications and signs will be required to be posted on properties associated with land use applications.
7) The Landscaping and Buffering Requirements for the Performance District and the Community or Village Districts have been combined and standardized. The standards have been revised to include landscaping in parking lots, maintenance and irrigation requirements.
8) Road widths for certain properties may be reduced from 50’ to 30’ providing engineering analysis supports the proposed use.
9) Maximum accessory building size is being increased from 1,600 sq. ft. to a maximum of 10% of lot size, not to exceed 5,000 sq. ft. An administrative Special Use Permit is being proposed if an applicant wishes to exceed the standards.
10) The conversion of mobile homes for accessory structures and the temporary storage of mobile homes are being deleted.
11) New section with standards for the keeping of livestock is being proposed.
12) The development review fees for land use applications have been revised and will be adopted by Resolution.

A Copy of the Proposed Amendments may be viewed at: The Office of the County Clerk, Doña Ana County Courthouse, 251 W. Amador, Las Cruces, New Mexico during regular business hours, commencing with the date of publication and continuing through the date of public hearing. A copy may also be obtained, upon payment of a fee of 50 cents per page.

Publish: Las Cruces Sun News on July 17 and 24, 2005, proof of publication requested.