Doña Ana County



March 18 is the magic date: Watch for a major overhaul of Doña Ana County’s official website and page links.

Information Technology Director Anna Peralta Hines and her staff have been quietly reformatting the web site to make it more attractive, easier to search and consistent in appearance across all departments. Bi-weekly meetings with Public Information Director Jess Williams have helped shape the redesign process for the planned launch.

The new homepage will feature news updates, press releases and meeting schedules for the Board of County Commissioners.

Hines said Geof Abruzzi and Efrain Saenz have worked hard over a period of several weeks to research other government websites and to rebuild Doña Ana County’s website so that it brings together what works best from a variety of other sample sites.

“I’m very proud of the work my staff has done to prepare for the March 18 launch,” Hines said. “The new website will be cleaner, more efficient and more user friendly than the old one, which was almost hopelessly outdated.”

Although the new look will be bold, steps were taken to ensure that pages download quickly regardless of an outside user’s access speed.

“Doña Ana County’s rural residents may not have access to hi-speed lines,” Hines said. “We wanted to design a site that is friendly to the people we serve. Those with high-speed access will love the site, but the design was created with people in mind who may have slower access.”

Links from the new website will include all the former website’s links and several new ones to organizations and governmental entities across the region. Feedback will be automatically routed to the Public Information Office for distribution to the appropriate departments and personnel.

Internal page updates also will be routed through the Public Information Office for editing before being posted live to the website.

“We put quality first with this project,” Hines said. “I think everyone’s going to agree that it looks better and works better than it ever has. We’re looking forward to the launch!”