Doña Ana County



This morning, I was arrested by officers of the Las Cruces Police Department holding a warrant for “Failure to Appear.” I was fully cooperative with the officers at all times. I am now back in my office and back at work for the taxpayers and residents of Doña Ana County.

I wish to express my sincere apologies to my colleagues, family and friends over this situation. I express a deep and humble apology to the taxpayers. I take full responsibility for missing my court date, and I will accept the consequences of having done so. I have two outstanding traffic tickets that I do not contest and to which I must attend, and I will do so promptly. Until this matter is completely resolved, I will not drive a motor vehicle. I trust the courts to be fair, and I will accept any penalty imposed by the court related to my citations or my failure to appear.

It is important to note that my arrest had nothing to do with the workings of the Doña Ana County Treasurer’s Office or my duties as Chief Deputy Treasurer. This is a personal matter that became public by virtue of the position of trust I hold within the Treasurer’s Office. I will not betray that trust. I will continue to perform my job duties as Chief Deputy Treasurer, and I will continue to campaign vigorously to win this office in November.

I realize that I have let down my colleagues and my constituents today, and for this I am truly remorseful. I offer no excuses, but I promise to make things right and to continue the hard work that I have been performing for the past four years on behalf of every resident of Doña Ana County.

Thank you.