Doña Ana County



Doña Ana County Sheriff Juan Hernandez and his department will help host a safety clinic for children on Sept. 13 at the Sisbarro auto dealership.

The Sheriff’s Department has supported the DNA Child Safety Clinic since 2001.

“Every parent should take advantage of the free DNA recording, as well as the fun and educational activities included with the clinic,” Hernandez said.

DNA LifePrint administrators will wipe the inside of a child’s cheek with a cotton swab, extracting tissue that, preserved in the provided vial, can give accurate DNA identification for up to 80 years.

The DNA Child Safety Clinic will be located at the Las Cruces Sisbarro dealership at 425 W. Boutz Rd., and will run from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The event will feature a dunking booth, and Sheriff Hernandez has agreed to be dunked in an effort to bring more people to the event and make it an enjoyable experience for families.

“If we can pull some more people to this event by letting people dunk me in a booth, then I’m all for it,” Hernandez said. “Bring the kids and warm up your throwing arm for some fun. It’s a great event and a great opportunity for families. We appreciate the cooperation and assistance of the Sisbarro management and staff, and we’re hopeful for a good turnout.”

For more information on the event, call Grant A. Taylor, assistant to the director of public information, at (505) 647-7290. Anyone calling from outside the Las Cruces area may call toll-free at 1-877-827-7200 and request extension 7290.