Doña Ana County



A Chaparral man faces charges alleging he robbed, beat, bound and gagged another Chaparral man for several days at the victim’s home.

Stephan M. Gilbreath, 38, of 316 Luna Azul, was arrested in El Paso and is awaiting extradition on charges filed by the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Department. He faces charges of aggravated residential burglary in the second degree, third-degree robbery, third-degree aggravated assault with intent to commit a violent felony, fourth degree charges of false imprisonment and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

According to court-filed documents, Gilbreath allegedly entered a home on the 400 block of Coles Street with an acquaintance of the victim on March 17. As the trio talked, Gilbreath became angry and began striking the victim. Gilbreath ordered they to get into the victim’s car, while Gilbreath drove. The acquaintance was dropped off shortly after. While Gilbreath and the bound victim drove to and from El Paso several times, any time the victim raised his head, Gilbreath reportedly punched him in the ear, and later allegedly held a knife to the victim’s throat if he notified police.

Gilbreath and the victim returned to the home, where Gilbreath reportedly stayed the remainder of the night. The victim reported he had no recollection of the following day. On March 19, Gilbreath left the home in the early morning hours and the victim fled to call for help. During an investigation soon after, the sheriff’s department found a job application with the suspect’s name, age and social security number in the victim’s home. The victim showed injuries to the head, ear, face and wrists.

The El Paso Police Department was called March 20 in reference to a suspicious individual driving and walking around the parking lot of a North Desert Boulevard Albertson’s. Officers identified the vehicle as stolen and registered to the victim. Officers located the suspicious subject, who officers identified as Gilbreath. While searching Gilbreath, officers found a Polaroid photograph inside one of his socks. The photograph depicted a man bound and gagged, identified as the victim. The El Paso Police Department has also charged Gilbreath with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Gilbreath was indicted Thursday.