Doña Ana County



Doña Ana County Manager David R. King has announced that Assistant County Manager Mack Wilson has been assigned to administer the staff and duties of the County Clerk’s Office until District Judge James Counts names an interim clerk.

“Judge Counts has called on my office to manage the clerk’s office for this interim period, and I am delegating my top administrator to the task,” King said. “Mr. Wilson and I, along with other members of senior staff who are involved in this process, have good working relationships with the Secretary of State’s Office, and collectively have the experience of supporting the clerk’s office through several elections. He will report regularly back to me, and we will work as a team to get everything on course for smooth operations. We have already visited with the Bureau of Elections staff and the recording and filing staff to assess current staffing levels and issues.”

King said Wilson will coordinate with the Bureau of Elections staff to address any issues that may be identified. Among issues already identified is the fact that voter information cards are not all mailed out yet.

King said one of Wilson’s top priorities is to work with the staff to ensure that all the deadlines on the state elections calendar can be met without fail. To that end, he said, Wilson and the Bureau of Elections will be in near-constant contact with the Secretary of State’s Office, seeking guidance and identifying strategies by which full compliance with the election law can be achieved.

“We’re going to get a handle on this situation very quickly,” King said. “We’re significantly behind on getting the voter information cards out and hiring poll workers, but beginning Monday, we’ll be bringing in qualified volunteers and temporary employees to help with that and other support tasks, thereby freeing up seasoned employees to deal with more sophisticated jobs within the office that require their attention.

King said scores of qualified people have called in offering their help, and a determination is being made about what help is needed.

“The election is our number-one priority,” King said. “Doña Ana County voters deserve to have confidence in the county’s readiness and ability to conduct this election competently, even under these unusual circumstances.”

King said that once Judge Counts appoints an interim county clerk, Wilson and other senior staff members will remain available for any support that the interim clerk may require.

For more information, call county Public Information/Special Projects Director Jess Williams at (505) 647-7229. Residents calling from outside the Las Cruces area may call toll-free at 1-877-827-7200 and request extension 7229.