Doña Ana County



Doña Ana County Treasurer David Gutierrez has announced that property tax disbursements totaling more than $24 million were disbursed during the second half of 1999. The amount disbursed is equal to the amount received by the Treasurer’s Office in the same period through property taxes, interest and penalty payments.
The following breakdown of the disbursements shows how much each taxing authority received:

Doña Ana County $8,762,186
Las Cruces School District 6,441,178
City of Las Cruces 2,951,075
Gadsden School District 2,701,235
Doña Ana Branch Community College 1,604,756
State of New Mexico 1,281,848
Hatch Valley School District 306,308
City of Sunland Park 79,605
Village of Hatch 21,817
Town of Mesilla 20,783
TOTAL $24,170,791

Gutierrez also reported that the Treasurer’s Office experienced only “minor problems” associated with the so-called Y2K computer problem.
“Thanks to the hard work of the Doña Ana County Information Systems staff, we were ready,” Gutierrez said. “With cooperation from my office, the Information Systems staff completed a timely conversion of all the old computer files and converted to a new version of the Banner software system, which included several tests and retests for Y2K compliance.”
County Commission Chairman Carlos Garza echoed Gutierrez’s appreciation for the work done internally to manage the Y2K conversion, and he also expressed appreciation to the dozens of people who were on call or on duty New Year’s Eve after months of careful planning for any contingency.
Doña Ana County’s emergency action plan in the event of disruptions related to the so-called Millennium Bug was coordinated by Conrad Estrada of the Office of Emergency Management, a joint state-county-city office formerly known as the Civil Preparedness Office.
Garza said he appreciated the work of Estrada and his staff, and he also thanked four community leaders who contributed to the on-call effort by providing technical support: Evelyn Trejo, retail store manager of Voicestream Wireless of Las Cruces, whose office provided 37 cellular phones; Joe Franco, marketing manager for Sprint Communications of Las Cruces, whose office provided 24 cellular phones; Billy Goins, technical operations manager for TCI Cable of Las Cruces, whose office provided cable for Estradas’s temporary command post at the Public Health Building in Room 1101; and Patti Zimmerman, manager of GTE Wireless of Las Cruces, whose office provided 12 disaster cell phone kits.
Garza noted that Estrada and his crew at the Office of Emergency Management spent untold hours coordinating the response contingency team with other area governments, utilities, law enforcement, health care, public safety, public information, media and fuel suppliers.
“The entire Y2K effort demonstrates yet again the power of partnerships and planning in our community,” Garza said. “We’re grateful the response team didn’t have to be activated, but as a community, we should be comforted that it was assembled and ready to act had there been any problems.”