Doña Ana County



Each week, Doña Ana County residents call for information about some basic services. Here, then, is a recap of some of the most common questions and their answers.

How can I reach the county offices without paying for the call?

Doña Ana County residents who live outside the City of Las Cruces calling area may reach the main county switchboard in Las Cruces by dialing

What happens when my pet is picked up by Animal Control in the county?

County Animal Control transports all dogs and cats to the Humane Society shelter located at 4711 N. Main Street (Highway 70). Once the animal is turned over to the Humane Society, the county has no further responsibility for its care, and no further authority over fees or policies by which the animal may be reclaimed. Those issues must be addressed with the Humane Society staff. The Humane Society can be reached at (505) 382-0018. The county Animal Control office may be reached at (505) 382-3825.

Where do I call if I suspect a codes violation in the county?

Doña Ana County currently has two codes-enforcement officers within the Sheriff’s office, one of whom is assigned to the southern half of the county and the other to the northern half. These officers respond to situations in which the public health is endangered by illegal dumping, illegal keeping of livestock, junk accumulations, abandoned vehicles, etc. You may report a suspected codes violation by calling the Sheriff’s office at (505) 647-7801.

Who do I call if my neighbor is violating our neighborhood’s zoning?

Zoning violations are investigated by the county’s office of Community Development. Complaints of this nature may be reported to (505) 647-7237.

How can I legally dispose of hazardous waste, such as paint cans, oil and dead batteries?

The county operates eight convenience stations for solid waste in the communities of Anthony, La Mesa, Hill, Butterfield, Mesquite, La Union, Hatch and Garfield. Each of these convenience stations will accept hazardous material for proper disposal. There is no charge to drop off these items.

Where can I get a burning permit in Doña Ana County?

The county does not issue burning permits. This is handled by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED), whose offices also issue septic permits and coordinate inspections for restaurants and day care operations. NMED can be reached at (505) 524-6300.

Who do I call if I spot a swarm of bees?

The county cannot currently respond to bee calls. Training and protective suits for the county’s Vector Control officers are in the works, but even when the suits are in and the training is complete, these officers will only be authorized to handle swarms located on public lands. Bee swarms on private property must be referred to private exterminators or beekeepers.