Doña Ana County



Expect the unexpected: That’s the message being pushed by the Doña Ana County Office of Emergency Management in a new brochure designed to help area residents cope with emergencies.

Production and distribution of the brochure was spurred on by media reports of a possible crisis tied to the so-called Y2K problem, which could cause computer-related failures on Jan. 1, 2000 if the world’s transportation, power, communication and trade networks do not recognize the dawn of a new century.

Conrad Estrada, director of the Doña Ana County Office of Emergency Management, said discussion of different disaster sceanrios led him and other members of the county’s Local Emergency Preparedness Committee to commission a brochure that would help residents prepare for any sort of widespread power outage, water shortage or communications failure.

“We certainly don’t want people to panic in the event of an emergency,” Estrada said. “This brochure will be useful to anyone who experiences any disaster at any time. It has advice for preparation, checklists for supplies and safety tips that should make coping with any emergency a lot less stressful for everyone involved.”

The brochure, Estrada said, is available for distribution from his office at 1131 Medpark Dr. in Las Cruces. He said he encourages office managers, school principals, civic group leaders and others to pick up the brochures and distribute them liberally. Individuals interested in single copies for personal use also are encouraged to stop by his office and pick one up, he said.

“The more people who get hold of this, the better,” Estrada said. “By taking a few simple steps ahead of time, people in the communities of Doña Ana County can be significantly better off if a disaster occurs, whether it’s a flood, a fire, a failure of the power grid or a combination of problems.”

For more information about how to obtain a copy of the brochure, contact Estrada’s office at (505) 527-2587.