Doña Ana County



Various media reports about upcoming road projects in Doña Ana County have apparently been confusing to some consumers of the news. We offer the following clarifications for your consideration.

In District 1, the county will spend $225,000 to construct a mile of new roadway on Royce Road, from Harlacker Road west. We also will spend $180,000 to construct three-quarters of a mile of new road that will extend Pajaro Road to the northeast. The total amount for improvements in District 1 is $405,000.

In District 2, we plan to spend $260,000 on improvements to O'Hara Road between State Roads 460 and 478 and $225,000 to construct one new mile of Franco Road (or a road in the surrounding area). This makes for a total of $485,000.

In District 3, we will spend $270,000 to extend Amparo Road from Paloma Road toward State Line Road approximately one mile and $225,000 to create one new mile of Paseo Real Drive from County Line Road to Amparo Road in Chaparral, for a total expenditure of $495,000.

In District 4, MacArthur Road will receive 1.5 miles of double-pen surfacing at a cost of $300,000, while in the Butterfield area, we will spend $225,000 to construct about a mile of new roadways within the subdivision, for a total expenditure of $525,000.

In District 5, the county will repave four miles of Shalem Colony Road at a cost of $300,000 and construct 1.5 miles of new road along Grant Road (D-58) in the Leasburg area at a cost of about $300,000, for a total of $600,000 in improvements.

In order to complete these projects by the end of the summer, the county will seek proposal requests from various design consultants who will provide all the design specifications. Surveys and the subsequent work will be contracted out, thereby creating job opportunities in the region.