Doña Ana County

Vector Control

Vector Control


Doña Ana County Vector Control educational outreach goal to empower our citizens with knowledge and resources to protect you and your family’s health. We ask for your cooperation to self-treat on private property, as New Mexico Department of Agriculture requires our staff to treat only public roadways.

Our agricultural based county needs the essential water flowing in our desert region. Doña Ana County Vector appreciates the serious work our farmers do to keep drains, ditches, and culverts free of weeds and trash allowing water to ground soak properly. Doña Ana Vector is also very pleased with the effort citizens put into clean community- prevent mosquito disease. Working as “neighbors helping neighbors”, we control mosquitoes by draining out the backyard containers. Watch for flowerpots with deep saucers, trash barrels without drainage holes, and old tires piled behind the shed. Please clean after a strong rain this is the time to haul to transfer station and take advantage of their low disposal fees.

When you do maintain water on your property to water animals or wildlife, these products control immature mosquitoes in the water.

1. Bacillus thuringiensis isrealensis (BTI) is the active ingredient in Mosquito Dunks or Bits.

2. Spinosad active ingredient in Natlular label a new generation rated green safety pesticide sourced from on line venders.

3. Methoprene labeled for mosquito control from major hardware stores, or on line venders.

When you do experience biting mosquitoes and midges at your property the best remedy can be insecticides applied to grass, shrubs, and shaded areas under decks and along foundations. Hand help pump sprayers are all you need to apply mosquito treatment. Please always read and follow label instructions before using any pesticide.

1. Indoor/ Outdoor Insect concentrate labeled from compare and save available at large home stores in the garden center. Good product on Black desert midges.

2. Permethrin products as an active ingredient not only kills midges / mosquitoes it also is an area repellant.

3. Newest product on the market labeled “Scion “ kills all desert hard shelled insects such as centipedes and scorpions. This product available using computer on line venders.

4. Lambda-cyhalothrin a strong insecticide available on line or hardware stores labeled for extended time control.

Deep-water rain ponds and back yard fountains are easy to stock with minnows to prevent mosquito wigglers. Doña Ana County provides free minnows to citizens at 4605 West Picacho Avenue. Vector staff are onsite Tuesday morning 8:00am - 10:00am providing minnows in travel bags. Please bring your bucket to prevent leaks in transport. Please Contact Vector at 575-526-8150 to report standing water and mosquito activity.