Doña Ana County

Doña Ana County International Jetport at Santa Teresa

William Provance

Airport Manager
Department Head: 
William Provance
8014 Airport Road
Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008
(575) 589-1232 (Voice)
(575) 589-2643 (AWOS)
(575) 644-2358 (Cell)
Phone: (575) 589-1232 (Voice)
(575) 589-2643 (AWOS)
(575) 644-2358 (Cell)

Doña Ana County International Jetport at Santa Teresa

The Doña Ana County International Jetport at Santa Teresa is a full-service airport serving southern Doña Ana County and the El Paso area.  The Jetport’s runway supports corporate jets, cargo aircraft and private general aviation aircraft.  It is also a practice field for helicopters from Biggs Army Airfield and local law enforcement agencies.  The Customs facility is open and the Jetport is an aircraft port of entry.

The Doña Ana County International Jetport hosts many special events during the year including hosting the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) B-17, B-25 and Ford Tri-Motor aircraft that give tours and rides to the public.  The War Eagles Air Museum is one of the finest in the country. 

Future plans; utilizing funds allocated by the U.S. Congress through the Federal Aviation Administration and New Mexico State Legislature, call for significant expansion of airport capabilities by strengthening the current runway and adding a crosswind runway.  The Jetport completed installation of an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) in 2016 that provides certified weather conditions and is accessible to pilots on the ground and in the air.  Upon completion of the improvements, the Doña Ana County Jetport at Santa Teresa will be able to accommodate large passenger and cargo jets, including Boeing 737 aircraft.

The airport is a key component in the economic development plan for southern Doña Ana County.  Its proximity to the growing industrial park, a hub for manufacturing goods for interstate and international trade along the U.S./Mexico border, is the third spoke of a rail and highway and air transportation system to support that trade.

The Jetport Mission Statement:  Plan and deliver quality aviation services that assure a safe, pleasurable airport experience to tenants and user; and to provide quality services to our customers.




  • Public Notice 2021 (PDF - 44K)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Policy Statement (PDF - 64K)
  • Advisory Board Appointee Information Form - (PDF - 99KB)
  • International Jetport Master Plan 2018 – (PDF - 218MB)
  • New Mexico Airport System Plan Update – (PDF - 9,707k)
  • Doña Ana County International Jetport at Santa Teresa – (PDF - 25,648k)




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